GHANAIAN Embassy Applications

GHANAIAN embassy

1. Passport should be valid for at least 6 months.
2. Completed application form.
3. Recent passport-sized photographs (not black and white).
4. Travel and accommodation details.
5. UK company support letter.
6. Invitation letter from the company in Ghana stating the purpose  of the visit.
7. Authorisation letter

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Application Process

 What's needed?

1. Passport

2. Two application forms.

3. Two photos

4. UK Company letter. An original letter of introduction from the applicant's UK employer.  This letter must includes the following:
   - Be addressed to the Embassy
    - Be on company letterhead paper
    - Name of the applicantSpecify the purpose of journey
    - Name of the organisation(s) to be visited
   - Specify the requested number of entries and the length of visa required ( please mention Multiple entries)
    - An acceptance of financial responsibility for the applicantBe signed by the applicant's supervisor or the company's HR department​  

5. Letter of invitation. An original letter of invitation from the applicant's host. This letter must includes the following:
    - Full address and contact details of the host
     - Specify the purpose and duration of stay
    - Acceptance of financial responsibility for the applicant
     - Be signed by the applicant's host
     - Be issued within the last three months​  

6. Original Work Contract  

7. A Work Permit and letter of repatriation issued by the Department of Labour.​

application Form

Payment process

Payment process:
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2. Insert the invoice value and press continue Press pay with debit or credit card at the bottom of the page  
3. Fill the card details, billing address and the contact information.
4. Press Pay Now
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