United Travel & Visa Service

With you every step of the way

With you every step of the way

United Travel & Visa Services

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United Travel & Visa services

With you every step of the way

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We Provide Visa and
Legalisation Services

Whether you want to travel to another country as a visitor or for business, we guarantee to provide you with a speedy and quality service.

Visa Applications

We fill out all the forms so you don't have to.


Our staff are well versed in this business.

Embassy contacts

We have been operating for a number of years and have an excellent reputation with the embassies.


Have peace of mind that we will be there to help get your application approved - even at short notice.


Embassies we work with

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Acquiring a visa can be difficult

Let us take the frustration and uncertainty out of it for you


We have been operating in this field for a long time

Embassy contacts

We have excellent rapport at many embassies


We have an excellent rate of success at securing and delivering visas

Meet the team


Naziha Hassanyeh
Evonne Hassanyeh
Ceo of Company
Nadine Hassanyeh
Customer Services
about us

Over 10 years experience in this sector.

We are a family run travel agency that has been operating since 2008, catering for the needs of our clients - wherever they may be.  Our company is an excellent source for professional and express delivery of visa and travel services.  

Need assistance? Simply give us a call on 0203 172 0932  

COntact us

Happy Clients

It has been a pleasure to work with yourselves over the past few years. You have always been helpful and professional.

Karen / Senior executive

Many thanks again for your good services.

roland / senior education consultant

Thank you so much Evonne - great service!


Express Service

We provide an express service at the UK Foreign Office and are able to legalise your documents within one day. Many countries that you travel to for work purposes will require that you attest your documents at their embassies.

Sit back and relax - let us do the work on your behalf.


  • We provide a fast SAME DAY service at the UK foreign office for documents including:

    1. Professional qualifications

    2. Educational / birth / medical / (religious) marriage certificates

    3. Police reports

    4. Contracts


  • 1. Done for all embassies in  UK

    2. All cultural bureaus in UK

    3. Arab British Chamber of Commerce

    4. Contracts

    Note: All documents must be UK issued originals and must not be laminated.
best prices

Bespoke service

The needs of every client, whether private or corporate can be very different and almost unique. That is why we cater our service to the individual and do not offer generic prices.

Please contact us, either via email or phone to discuss exactly what you need - rest assured, we keep things competitive.

Payment process

Payment process:
1. Click on Buy now button (you will be redirected to a PayPal sign-in page).
2. Insert the invoice value.
3. Fill in the details.
4. Press 'Pay Now'
Receipt will be sent automatically via email