Lebanese Embassy Applications

Lebanese embassy

All visitors travelling to Saudi Arabia must have compulsory medical insurance purchased when paying for visa applications.

All applicants travelling to Saudi Arabia on work visas must have their academic certificates attested by the Saudi Culture Bureau in London then legalised by the Foreign and Common Wealth Office and further attested by the Saudi embassy before an application can be made to the embassy.​​

The introduction letters provided by the applicants to support their applications for a commercial visit visa, working visit visa and businessman visit visa to Saudi Arabia, must be on original company headed letter and stamped by the British Arab Chamber of commerce or London Chamber of commerce.

All Introduction letter must adhere to the exact format stated by the Embassy. All non-UK passports holders, must provide proof of residency in the UK. In some cases original birth certificates must also be provided  and  legalised in the Foreign Office.​​All non-UK birth / marriage certificates must be stamped in the Foreign Office in the originating country.

Saudi Visas

Application Process

Tourist Visa Lebanon Visa

1. Application form.

2. Coloured copy of passport pages.

3. Two passport size photos.

4. Hotel reservations in the name of the Lebanese sponsor or place of residency with a listed contact number.  If the sponsor is not Lebanese, they must show proof of residency for at least 3 months.

5. Travel reservations showing dates of travel and proof of accommodation in Lebanon (hotel booking or host’s reference letter).

6. Bank statements of last 3 months showing enough funds for the duration of the trip.

7. Proof of employment in the UK or university placement confirmation (for students) or retired or unemployed status For the unemployed, you will need proof of a sponsor.  For non-British passport holders, you will need a residency permit with no less than 6 months until expiration​​

8. Applicants under 18 years old should provide a travel consent letter signed by both parents or guardians (proof of guardian to be enclosed)​9. Entry to Lebanon should be within 90 days of the Visa issue date

application Form

Payment process

Payment process:
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2. Insert the invoice value and press continue Press pay with debit or credit card at the bottom of the page  
3. Fill the card details, billing address and the contact information.
4. Press Pay Now
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